Human Albumin


Human Albumin


Plasma expanders

Manufactured By

Baxalta AG




Vitamin Deficiency

Product Introduction:

Human Albumin

Baxalta Human Albumin is a pharmaceutical product manufactured by Baxalta AG. It serves as a plasma expander and is primarily utilized for medical applications. It is not intended for the treatment of vitamin deficiency.


  • Plasma Expanders: Baxalta Human Albumin contains plasma expanders, substances utilized to increase blood plasma volume. This is crucial in specific medical scenarios.

Manufactured By:

Baxalta Human Albumin is produced by Baxalta AG, a reputable pharmaceutical company known for its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare products.


The product is typically packaged in a box.


Baxalta Human Albumin is exclusively employed in medical settings to address certain medical conditions and circumstances that necessitate plasma expansion. It is not suitable for the treatment of vitamin deficiency.


  • Plasma Expansion: This product is purposefully designed to expand blood plasma volume in medical contexts, such as hypovolemia, shock, and specific surgical procedures.

Side Effects:

Baxalta Human Albumin is administered under medical supervision, and any potential side effects are closely monitored and managed by healthcare professionals.

How It Works:

Baxalta Human Albumin operates by intravenously increasing blood plasma volume. This is vital in situations where maintaining adequate blood volume is critical for patient well-being.

Safety Advice:

  • Baxalta Human Albumin is administered by healthcare professionals in medical settings, and its use is governed by strict medical protocols.


The dosage and administration of Baxalta Human Albumin are determined by healthcare professionals based on the specific medical condition and needs of the patient.


  • This product is intended exclusively for medical use and should not be used without the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.

Fact Box:

  • Product Name: Baxalta Human Albumin

  • Manufactured By: Baxalta AG

  • Packaging: Typically available in a box

Interaction with Other Treatments:

Baxalta Human Albumin may be used in combination with other medical treatments as directed by healthcare professionals to address specific medical conditions. Interaction details should be discussed with the treating physician.

User Concerns:

For questions or concerns related to the use of Baxalta Human Albumin in medical settings, it is essential to consult with healthcare professionals who can provide specific guidance based on the patient's medical condition.


Q: What medical conditions require the use of Baxalta Human Albumin as a plasma expander?

A: Baxalta Human Albumin is typically used in medical situations such as hypovolemia, shock, burns, and certain surgical procedures where there is a need to expand blood plasma volume.

Q: Is Baxalta Human Albumin available over the counter for personal use?

A: No, Baxalta Human Albumin is not available over the counter. It is a prescription medication used under medical supervision.


This information is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice. Baxalta Human Albumin is a pharmaceutical product intended for use in medical contexts, and its administration should be strictly supervised by healthcare professionals. Any questions or concerns about its use should be directed to qualified healthcare providers.