Progynova Tablets





Manufactured By

Zydus Cadila


3*28 tablets


Harmone Replacement Therapy

Product Introduction:

Discover Progynova Tablet, a reliable hormone replacement therapy designed to address hormonal imbalances and provide relief from related symptoms. Each pack contains 3*28 tablets expertly manufactured by Zydus Cadila, offering a comprehensive solution for hormonal management.



Progynova Tablet is primarily used as hormone replacement therapy. It contains Estradiol, a form of estrogen, which is used to supplement the body's natural estrogen levels in women experiencing hormonal imbalances, menopause, or other related conditions.


  • Restores hormonal balance in women with estrogen deficiency.
  • Alleviates symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.
  • Supports bone health and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Regulates menstrual cycles and improves overall well-being.

Side Effects:

Progynova Tablet is generally well-tolerated; however, some women may experience mild side effects. Common side effects may include breast tenderness, nausea, or headaches. If any severe or persistent side effects occur, it is essential to seek medical advice promptly.

How to Use:

Take one Progynova Tablet daily, preferably at the same time each day, with or without food. Follow your doctor's prescribed dosage and treatment duration for optimal hormonal management.

How It Works:

Progynova Tablet contains Estradiol, a natural form of estrogen. It works by replacing or supplementing the declining levels of estrogen in the body. By mimicking the actions of natural estrogen, Progynova helps restore hormonal balance and alleviates symptoms related to estrogen deficiency.

Safety Advice:

  • Store Progynova Tablet in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Inform your doctor about any pre-existing medical conditions or ongoing treatments before starting hormone replacement therapy.


The dosage of Progynova Tablet will be determined based on your individual health condition and response to the medication. Follow your doctor's prescribed dosage for effective hormone replacement therapy.


While Progynova Tablet is a commonly used hormone replacement therapy, there may be other hormonal treatments available. Consult your doctor for suitable alternatives if needed.


  • Attend regular follow-up appointments with your doctor to monitor the effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Combine hormone therapy with a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Fact Box:

  • Product Name: Progynova Tablet
  • Active Ingredient: Estradiol
  • Manufacturer: Zydus Cadila
  • Packaging: 3*28 tablets
  • Uses: Hormone replacement therapy

Interaction with Other Drugs:

Progynova Tablet may interact with certain medications or health conditions. Inform your healthcare provider about all the medicines you are taking to avoid potential drug interactions.

Patient Concerns:

Before starting Progynova Tablet, discuss any pre-existing medical conditions, allergies, or concerns with your doctor to ensure its suitability for your health needs.


Q: How long does it take to see the effects of Progynova?

A: The effects of Progynova may vary among individuals. Improvement in symptoms may be observed within a few weeks of starting hormone replacement therapy.

Q: Can Progynova be used for birth control?

A: Progynova is not a contraceptive. It is used specifically for hormone replacement therapy and should not be used for birth control purposes.


The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized recommendations regarding hormone replacement therapy and the use of Progynova Tablet.