Clinical Trial Supply

Clinical Trial Supplies Advantages:

Mediseller can provide a customized service to fulfill all your clinical trial supply requirements and reduce your logistical burden. Additionally, we are able to offer a range of specialist transport options and storage facilities for cold chain products that form an integral part of a secure and successful clinical trial supply chain.


  • Supervision of the entire clinical trial supply
  • Distributes materials to stations, warehouses, and trial locales
  • Administer shipments and looks after the stock
  • Warehouse administration system and the whole material stock
  • Verify labelling requirements and worldwide in-house content
  • Standardized return and obliteration systems

Global custom distribution

  • Experienced logistics team
  • Frequent conveyances to over 180 nations

Transparent Pricing

  • Transparency in pricing
  • Invoices for all expenditures

Global custom distribution

Mediseller is the most sought after name among the most renowned clinical trial supply providers. We offer administration inconsistency with the different global models. Our innovation stage was originally made for the distributors and retailers so that they can upgrade their stock by acquiring and supplying customer requirements. With these new methods for pharmaceuticals biosimilar, clinical trials reveal another level of automated measured productivity for the clinical trial supply.