Named Patient Supply

Getting Medicine to Patients through Named Patient Supply

The government worldwide has granted access to named patient supply prior to approval. It is for those patients who have taken all the alternative treatments and do not find any significant improvement and that the probable risks from these drugs are not greater than the probable risks from the condition itself. This program is grouped under the labels of expanded access or compassionate use and is governed by the rules that vary from country to country in defining access criteria, data collection, and control of drug distribution.

Companies like us Mediseller are authorized to distribute drugs on a named patient supply basis just only distribute and are not involved in the patient-doctor relationship. All the information regarding the patient is controlled under specific privacy. We can only distribute where we are permitted to do so.


Patient Supply Process

  • Patients who are suffering from serious health issues can request for medicine
  • Internal processing of drug verifications at Mediseller
  • Realizing the best source for the particular prescription
  • Import the medicine under the GDP instruction
  • Supply drugs to the concerned doctor post QA check

Enabling Healthcare Professionals to Source Best medicines

Healthcare professionals can face the challenge of treating the patients who are in an urgent need of medicines that are not locally available. It can be for many reasons like the drug has not been launched in their country or have been discontinued or may be in short of supply. In any of these cases, physicians and pharmacists can source difficult-to-obtain treatment, on an urgent basis. Mediseller provides these named patient medicines worldwide.

We have strong links to the leading pharmaceutical supply chains, so, we can ideally be placed to support healthcare professionals. We have a strong reputation worldwide and thus many pharmaceutical companies approach us to co-ordinate named patient supply. We can also manage cross border logistics to individual patients.



Because the medicine is not available in your country and it has to be outsourced from others does not mean that you are suffering from serious condition or illness. It can be due to many possible reasons that are drugs are not launched in your country, or are unavailable or your physician believes that these drugs will be suitable for your illness, and then they try to obtain them for you. We help physicians worldwide to access those medicines that are not approved or licensed in their own country.

We not only provide the required medicines but also ensure that your physician has all the quality assurance and support clinical information to safely prescribe it. If you are also facing the situation where some drugs are not available to you, then talk to your physician about Named Patient Supply and ask them to contact us. We will then work directly with your physician for helping them in patient access program and understand what all options are available.