Cold Chain Shipping

Cold Chain Shipping


The essential part of a coordinated cold chain packaging solutions includes:

  • Packing and cooling new nutrient items
  • Marketing (cooler accumulate and shows at discount markets)
  • Cold storage (warehousing of chilled or solidified nourishments)
  • Marketing (retail and foodservice operations)
  • Food preparing (solidifying of certain handled foods)
  • Distribution (cool transport and warehousing under temperature-controlled conditions)

Our Validated Cold Chain Packaging Boxes

Mediseller provides secure cold chain shipping at a variety of temperature ranges, over great distances, and also where transport and storage infrastructure may be unreliable. We deliver extended temperature-controlled packaging while minimizing environmental impact. Our advanced construction lighter than comparable solutions, that results in considerable savings for our customers.

This shipping co-ordination is proper planning and administration that changes between 5 fragments, to keep the item at their ideal temperature for nourishment security and financial loss. From insulin to tablets, we provide all shipping service; choose Mediseller for all your cold chain shipping. Pick our solution that works best for your products.

We can deliver your products with proper temperature controlled packaging that will not cause any harm to your drugs. Various medicines are required worldwide that has accelerated the need of cold chain shipping for providing the drugs to different countries. Our first priority is safe courier and we pack our pharmaceuticals safely in big containers that are temperature controlled storage box.