Pharma Logistics


Mediseller has invested a lot for Pharma logistics for many years, so as to develop new services and resources in the international pharmaceutical world with drugs and healthcare supply chain network. We provide various solutions like delivery of raw materials to the delivery of finished medicines and equipment to the market distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and surgeries. We have executed worldwide to provide regional operations and have the logistics network and also industry expertise that support the highly complex supply chain across all modes of Air Ocean, and road and rail courier.  


Air Courier: For Large Cargo

  • Air Courier: For Large Cargo

  • Goods are directly delivered to the shipments
  • Monitored cold chain shipments
  • Thermal and refrigerated packaging shipment
  • We offer 3rd party shipment
  • Courier: For Small Cargo

  • All service providers such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, DTDC, and others
  • We ensure that your cargo comes from a reliable organization in an economical way