Jardiance 25 mg Tablets


Jardiance 25 mg Tablets



Manufactured By

Boehringer Ingelheim


90 Tablets



Product Introduction:

Jardiance 25mg Tablet is a medication used alone or in combination with other medicines to manage type 2 diabetes mellitus. It is designed to control high blood sugar levels commonly associated with diabetes and reduce the risk of serious complications, including heart disease.



Jardiance 25mg Tablet is primarily used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, which is crucial in managing diabetes.


Controls high blood sugar levels
Manages type 2 diabetes mellitus effectively
Reduces the chances of serious complications of diabetes and heart disease

Side Effects:

Jardiance 25mg Tablet is generally well-tolerated, but some individuals may experience side effects. Consult a healthcare professional if any side effects persist or become troublesome.

How to Use:

Jardiance 25mg Tablet can be taken with or without food at any time of the day.
To ensure consistency, try to take it at the same time every day.
The dosage will be determined by your doctor, and it is essential not to discontinue the medication without medical advice.

How It Works:

Jardiance 25mg Tablet works by inhibiting the SGLT2 protein in the kidneys.
This action reduces the reabsorption of glucose into the bloodstream, leading to increased excretion of glucose through urine and lowering blood sugar levels.

Safety Advice:

Take Jardiance 25mg Tablet as prescribed by a healthcare professional.
Do not alter the prescribed dosage or stop taking the medication without consulting your doctor.
Consistent use is crucial to prevent complications.


The appropriate dosage of Jardiance 25mg Tablet will be determined by your doctor based on your medical condition and response to treatment.


If necessary, consult your healthcare provider to explore suitable substitutes for Jardiance 25mg Tablet.


Complement the use of Jardiance 25mg Tablet with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and weight reduction, as advised by your doctor.

Fact Box:

Drug Name: Jardiance 25mg Tablet
Usage: Type 2 Diabetes Management
Route of Administration: Oral
Benefits: Blood Sugar Control, Complication Prevention
Caution: Follow Doctor's Prescription

Interaction with Other Drugs:

Inform your doctor about all medications, supplements, or herbal products you are using to avoid potential drug interactions.

Patient Concerns:

Discuss any existing health conditions or concerns with your doctor before starting Jardiance 25mg Tablet.


Q: How does Jardiance 25mg Tablet help manage type 2 diabetes?

A: Jardiance helps control high blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patients and reduces the risk of serious complications like heart disease.

Q: Can Jardiance be used as a standalone treatment for diabetes?

A: Yes, Jardiance can be used alone or in combination with other medications to manage type 2 diabetes mellitus effectively.

Q: How should I take Jardiance 25mg Tablet?

A: Jardiance is usually taken once daily, with or without food. Always follow your doctor's instructions for the correct dosage and timing.


The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not replace medical advice. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations and treatment.