Abevmy 400 Mg Injection is an anticancer medicine that is used in combination with other anticancer drugs in the treatment of several cancers. It contains Bevacizumab, which is an anti-angiogenic drug used to treat cancer.



The approved uses of Abevmy 400 Mg Injection are as follows,

  • Treating colorectal cancer in combination with standard chemotherapy

  • Used in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer

  • It is used in combination with paclitaxel in treating metastatic breast cancer.

  • Used in the treatment of advanced metastatic renal cancer in adults

  • It slows tumor growth in people diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme.

  • Used in the treatment of stage 3 or 4 ovarian cancer in combination with chemotherapy.


How does Abevmy 400 Mg Injection work?

Bevacizumab inhibits the vascular endothelial growth factor protein, Thereby, preventing the growth of blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to the cancerous cells.


Side Effects

Commonly reported side effects of Abevmy 400 Mg Injection to include,

  • Headache

  • Seizure

  • High blood pressure

  • Sluggishness

  • Confusion

  • Blindness

  • Increased risks of bleeding

These side effects require no treatment in particular and go away on their own. Consult your doctor if they persist or seem to worsen.

If you experience serious side effects such as muscle loss, difficulty breathing, muscle cramps, or difficulty urinating, consult your doctor immediately.


Risks to consider

A major concern is that the medication may inhibit the growth of blood vessels that are part of the body’s normal maintenance and healing. This may worsen some pre-existing conditions like coronary artery disease.

Let your doctor know if you have a history of the following health conditions, as Abevmy 400 Mg Injection may display contraindications. 

  • High blood pressure

  • Heart attack OR angina

  • Chronic heart failure

  • Transient ischemic attack

  • Bleeding

  • Gastrointestinal fistula

  • Nephrotic syndrome

  • Recent operation

Talk to your doctor if you are planning to get pregnant, are already pregnant, or are a breastfeeding mother before taking Abevmy 400 Mg Injection.



The dosage is to be administered by a registered nurse or doctor, kindly do not self-administer.

The dosage depends on various factors that your doctor will take into consideration to decide the correct dosage.


Abevmy 400 mg


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